Mountain Bike Demos

Available to demo from our shop in Worthing, Sussex.

Whyte 2016 T-130 RS, £2,750 - Medium available to book nowWhyte T 130 RS

MBR Magazine says: “The best Whyte full-sus to date.”  Using Whyte’s SCR single ring specific frame and mega stiff chainstays, this bike is designed to be a full suspension version of their award winning 900 series hardtails. A full width main pivot extends bearing life and maximises the suspension performance. 130mm travel front and rear and long-and-low geometry gives incredible on trail control.

Whyte T-130 SX £1,899 - Extra small available to book nowWhyte 2016 T 130 SX

Using the same frame as the T-130 S and RS but available in extra small too making it perfect for many women and smaller riders.

Scott Contessa Spark 700 £2,399 womens' fit medium available to book now

Scott Contesa Spark 700


Scott Spark 730 £2,599 Large available to book now

Scott 2016 Spark 730

All the main features of the 710 / 910 but in an economic package with some XT substituted for SLX, no big deal, and the weight gain is more than offset by the £800 saving!

Weight 11.9kg/26.24lbs

Scott Genius 720 Plus £2,899 large available to book now

Scott 2016 Genius 720 Plus

650 Plus, it’s where Trail/Enduro meets Downhill. By combining the 27.5" wheels with a wide rim and 2.8" tyre you get the grip of a downhill bike but with the all round versatility of an enduro bike. The increased drag of the wider tyre is not noticeable and is more than offset by the stunning climbing and cornering grip. This is our favourite Genius and our demo bike.

Scott 2016 Scale 930 £2049 medium demo available to book now

 Scott Scale 930

Our demo this year is the 29er. We have run a 27.5 for the last two years but, let's face it, if you are spending out for a carbon hard tail you are going to want the fastest and most comfortable bike that you money can buy. It has to be 29 inch. Try it!

Whyte 2016 905 £1,599 RS

Late season upgrade medium demo only available once demand eases up. Uou can only ride this if you pay for one for yourself!

Whyte 905 RS

The 905 is back and better than ever, after winning many awards and the title of 'The perfect Trail Hardtail' by MBR Magazine. The geometry has been tweaked to fit shorter stems and a KS Dropper Post comes as standard alongside WTB TCS tubeless tyres and Offset rims.

Whyte have added this mid-season version using SRAM’s GX groupset thus bringing the 1 by 11 to a new affordable price-point.
New Rockshox Yari 35mm Stanchioned fork, a KS dropper post and TCS tubeless Tyres and rims and a truly great bike gets even better.
and you have one mighty package!

Whyte think that the 905RS is the best 905 Whyte they have ever made.

In our opinion the hottest hard tail on the planet and it baffles us that no one, you read right: NO OTHER BRAND has even come close no matter how big or small

If you are even vaguely interested you'd better get a deposit down as these bike will never be around long enough for the procrastinating shopper. Riders only!

My brother bought a 905 for mucking about but has raced the Gorrick Spring Series and ridden the South Downs Way with me in under 10 hours! It really can do anything and everything.