Salt free brakesWinter riding tip - Keep the salt off your brakes

Last night they put down a ton of salt and grit on the roads in Rustington. I rode there for my P.T. gym session and my tyres looked as white as if it had been snowing. An hour later the roads were wet as the salt had sucked in whatever moisture was left in the air before the frost set in.

Of course my bike looked really clean this morning but I still washed the brake callipers down with copious amounts of water. I wanted to flush away any salt and grit.

Riders often forget the brake callipers and only act when they stop working, and by then it’s too late. Usually the combination or corroding salt and gritty grit causes the caliper to seize up. So my tip is simple, easy, quick and time and money cost free. Rinse your brakes off.  You can even do it with your water bottle.

When the bike gets a good winter ride soaking wash the wheel as aluminium nipples are prone to corroding with the salt. It makes them difficult to re-true.

Enjoy your ride.

 P.S. No Strava, is it a crime not bother to record every ride?