Wilier Cento 10 AirI have had two Wilier Cento Unos, the original which I still have and the newer SR. They are very similar with the newer slightly stiffer all round. The extra stiffness is probably down to the standard Kamtail Ritchey seat post. The original has an integrated post that can flex. The Cento 1 SR is like a wild teenager. I then tried the Cento 10 Air.

The Wilier Cento 10 Air is the grown up to the petulant teenager Cento 1 SR. The geometry is the same but the moment you hit the road you’ll feel that the bike is smoother. The Cento 10 Air is a third generation aero bike. Prior to this one was the Cento 1 Air (slippery through the air but not so laterally stiff) and before that the Imperiale. I rode the Imperiale up and down the Monte Grappa so can vouch for its performance but I came home from that trip with my first Cento Uno. I bought it on looks alone and why not? That is what gives Italian products worldwide appeal. They look cool!

The Cento 10 Air is the coming of age for the Centos. It looks stunning. It passes the strictest of wind tunnel testing. It delivers enough oomph for it to have taken over from the Cento 1 SR to be the race team’s bike bike of choice. However, its most remarkable feature is the comfort of the ride. It is an all day machine so if you don’t have race fitness you can still enjoy the ride.

Wilier Cento 10 Air KamtailThe aero frame design  uses kamtail technology (see Scott Foil) and they have moved away from the older concept of thinner means faster. The larger tubes ensure that every watt of pedal effort counts. Wilier have always been innovative and the Cento 10 Air is no exception. They looked at various stem and handlebar systems and ended up with their own Albarda bar/stem combo. I have used this and found it perfect. I prefer my handle bar flat. The top of the bar is super thin, over 33% thinner than a regular handlebar. What makes these bars so unique it the internal cable routing. The gear cables pass through the bar, stem and heaset to enter the frame. The first you see of them is where they exit to join the derailleurs. The Alabarda bar adds aero performance, feels solid when sprinting but shock absorbing whilst clocking up the Kms.

The brakes are direct mount helping you control all that extra speed. Every 60 Ton carbon tube layup differs to match each frame size. Keeping up to date with modern demands the frame will take up to 28mm tyres.

At this price there is a lot of choice but, if you can afford one, why not go for Cento 10 Air. It is unique, it is from a classy Italian brand that has history, second oldest in Italy, full on Italian style, thoroughbred racing performance and a comfortable ride that will keep you coming back for more.Wilier Alabarda bar stem