Wilier Cento 1 SR review

Wilier Cento 1 SRThe best bike on the planet? It's a serious contender.

 I'm sure we could all debate which set of wheels could take the above accolade ......... but what nobody can dispute is the way that a bike makes you (me) feel - and the Cento 1 SR makes me feel faster than any bike I've ridden before - and Strava says the same. I collected my Cento1 SR from Quest one week ago and have been 'head over heels' ever since - it's a new bike after all.

 Having very happily ridden a decent entry level road bike for 3 years I wasn't completely sure what I would actually 'get' from an upgrade to a custom paint finished Cento1SR - my wife asked the exact same question on more than one occasion. The 'old' bike had got me through a hilly Ironman in pretty good shape, as well as happily completing lots of 100 mile rides....

Well, the answer is I got a bike that accelerates really, really fast, that gallops along the tarmac at a faster rate than anything that I've ever sat on before, and is comfortable ,stable and hugely efficient going up or down hills. Having chosen my own colour scheme with the Wilier personalisation tool (ask the guys in Quest to explain) it also looks pretty cool too = faster. My Cento 1SR is only one week old - but it's already considered perfect

 What this  really means is that I've brought a bike that maximises the performance, fun and enjoyment that my legs and lungs can deliver   - which makes me want to ride more often , faster and further - which in turn pushes everything else forward...

 So on Saturday morning - I got up at 5.30 to go for a 60 mile ride into the wind and up the hills  - before I went to watch the rugby. The ride was amazing: fast and comfortable and with loads of Strava PB's.  I came home with a massive smile and a feeling of well and truly having earned a beer ......... (the only down side of the bike is that the adrenaline and enjoyment of riding it encouraged me to drink a few more beers at the rugby club than maybe was clever the day before Mothers Day).

 The bike is everything I hoped it would be  (even my wife now 'likes  it' )   - and the service, attention to detail and guidance from the team at Quest in choosing and delivering the right bike for me was hugely  impressive and much appreciated.

 All that I now need to do is think of a name for her beginning with W that sounds cool ....... and then ride (fast), and smile.

Thank you Andy for sharing your thoughts.

Here's ou review: Wilier Cento 1 R first ride. Andy's bike had its own custom paint finish. As such it is unique and is carefully put together and assembled at Wilier in Italy. If you want to dream of you own design have a play here on the Infinitamente custom paint section on the Wilier website.