Whyte S-150 SWhen 29ers first came out, despite the obvious benefits, there were many detractors. We can ignore the luddites but do need to listen to the frame designers. In order to deliver the sort of handling that they wanted in a longer travel bike they had to use a smaller, 27.5”, wheel size.  This became the norm. However, with some of the newer technologies that have come out frame designers have been able to combine all the obvious speed and stability benefits of a 29 inch wheel with their super capable designs for trail and enduro bikes.

Ian Alexander, the Whyte bikes frame designer has been at the fore front of the new designs. He has experimented with the effects that different fork offsets have on the trail of the bikes with different wheel sizes. With that knowledge he was able to get Rock Shox the change the fork offset to match his design. In the past frame designers had the tune their design to match what the fork manufacturers would produce. This obviously limited any advancement in frame design.

Ian asked for and got a fork offset of 42mm for his new 150mm 29er trail bike. The bike actually feels livelier and quicker than its predecessor the T-130 despite having longer travel and a slacker head angle.

Whyte S-150 SI took the Whyte S-150 S up to Steyning and had a playful morning until my cold got the better of me and I had to go home. I have written more on my blog but, until I can take out for a longer ride, I will leave you with a few comments. I am a short travel XC guy but found this bike enjoyable to ride even over the usual downs open trails and it was a revelation on the Steyning single track. it urged me to take more and more risks. I’ll definitely be taking it out again.  My name is in the demo bike schedule. You can read more of the ride, performance and specification on the Quest Adventure blog.

Whyt not have a go on our demo. It is the Whyte S-150 C RS.

It’s a rule breaker.

If you have any troubke with some of the terminology you might find the answers in our Mountain Bike Glossary.