Whyte Gosford first rideI had a quick ride on the Whyte Gosford. It was pouring with rain but... so what?

I went up Mount Carvey and was a bit caught out when the path narrowed as I was going pretty quick, too fast for the conditions as it was so wet. Switching the power off was more the issue than switching it on.

Under pedal assist it works fine as you’d expect. What makes this bike different is that it rides just like a regular bike, in this case the Whyte Glencoe, when the power is off.  I rode about 8km this morning around town without any pedal assist. I forgot to switch it on. When I remembered the battery was drained from the last two off road rides. It was no different to riding our Whyte Friston other than the wheel size.

Electric mountain bikes are ridden with the power on all the time. The only time you’d ride without power, unless descending, would be when you run down the battery. The Gosford, Hoxton and Winchelsea are all designed to be ridden without using the pedal assist function. Once you hit a big hill or strong wind you can get some help fro the Fazua motor.

Ask us for a demo. You can read more detail about my rode on our blog site. Quest Adventure Whyte Gosford review

I need to give it a better test. You can too. Ask us for a demo ride. 01903 573700