Whyte Gisburn reviewThe Whyte Gisburn is very much an all rounder capable of taking you anywhere. It is as at home bike packing as it is taking you to work or shredding the local singletrack.

It is a “Gravel” bike and that means it will have 700c or 650b rims, it will take 40mm or bigger tyres, it will be tubeless, it will have a head angle of 71° or less and will have drop bars which will be wider than a road bikes. It will usually have the mountings for attaching bags and racks.

The Whyte Gisburn ticks all of the boxes. In fact with the new riser 50cm drop handle bar it is a close as you can get to mountain biking without actually being on a mountain bike. This feeling extends to the handling too, whilst riding on technical terrain without suspension and with a narrow tyre might not be everyone’s cup of tea, for those that enjoy the challenge the Gisburn is surefooted and confidence inspiring. I am sure that you have heard that said countless times about Whyte bikes.

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