Scott Spark RC 900 WC review .... Feeling the magic

Scott Spark RC 900 WC - SteyningI got another ride in on my new Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup. This time is was not wet and muddy. I was still slippery but I had a chance to push it and see what happened.

The bike rides like a dream. It is light (10.2kgs) and climbs effortlessly. The suspension is designed to be active so, after my first ride, I found that I needed 25% sag. Set up like this the climbing is not compromised and so I never needed the Twinloc the Scott is so keen on.

I rode around the Steyning Mountain Biking area which is now nicely sign posted thanks to the Steyning Downland Society, Wiston Estate and the Steyning mounting bikers who have done such a good job building the trails.

It wasn’t until I headed back along the path the skirts the Horseshoe that everything finally clicked. That is when I felt the magic. I now understood all the effort that had gone into making this bike the Olympic Gold winner that it is. It is everything that I want out of a bike. It’s incredible as an XC bike, it climbs really well and takes on the gnarliest of technical trails like a new generation trail bike.

I have mentioned the spec before, this time I described its handling. Awesome, one bike to do everything. The Twinloc which operates the front and rear shock together does have a purpose. As the suspension is so active aver small bumps the lever allows you to stiffen the suspension when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle.

I’ve written more on the wordpress Quest Adventure Blog. All I need to do now it to get fit enough to live up to the Scott Spark RC 900s reputation. Bring on the South Downs Way!

Scott Spark RC 900 WC - Steyning