Scott Foil Team Issue and CentricYou may well have seen this bike, well at least a larger version, winning the Paris Roubaix earlier this year. It has race winning pedigree. It is one of the many new generation aero bikes, in other words it is second or third version. One of the unique things about the Scott Foil Team Issue is that it has set the bench mark and all other aero bikes are judged against it. Whether it is the best or second best is not the issue the one thing that the other brands can’t argue with it that it is so good that their bikes are always matched against the Scott.

 Now I am not a professional cyclist but I do have some experience and appreciate the difference between designs and materials. I usually ride a Wilier Cento 1 SR and have said that it is the best bike that we have ever sold (not the most expensive but the best). It is made from some very high grade carbon and the Scott HMX frame felt every bit as good. If you ever wonder why you can buy a whole carbon bike for around a grand and yet some frames cost three times that, just ask a grand tour rider. The difference is massive. Hence the £2,999 price tag for the HMX carbon Scott Team Issue frame. The great thing about this is that you can probably afford one.... if you want the best. Whilst I can’t say whether the Foil is better than my Cento one thing that is a real plus for the Scott is that it is far more comfortable.

It did feel blisteringly quick. The combination of grand tour stage winning frame, the Zipp 404 wheels, Dura Ace and, of course, my new legs (they are on fire following my 10 days riding through France and Spain) meant that I felt confident in my speed and got out everything I could put in. Stamp on the pedals and it flies. I took it on our Tuesday Night Thrash and for a tour of Sussex lanes and hills on Sunday. The Foil really feels fast and exciting to ride. The aero bars were slammed on this demo bike and the fit was perfect. I’d have to say that the cockpit set up was the most comfortable that I have ever used. I am very fussy about brakes but after some tweaking, the reach adjuster helped here. In fact the brakes are so powerful that inappropriate set up can be quite alarming, especially in the wet!! The direct mounting really is a plus and is going to make it even harder to justify discs on road racing bikes.

All in all: awesome and to own what the pros ride for just £5,999 is a bargain. The only negative is that mounting a light, Garmin, bell, etc is nigh on impossible. All I can say is that anyone buying a bike with an aero one peice bar and stem is already going to have one or two other bikes for riding when the light is low. They will also have had at least one bike fit.

To finish things off I used the matching Scott Centric helmet. It is light, has an airflow MIPS internal and channels the air over your head keeping you cooler than without a helmet. It’s the all rounder for general road bike and XC mountain biking based on the now well recognised Scott Centric helmet seen in the Giro, Tour and Vuelta. The Centric sat on the heads of both Olympic Gold medal XC riders.

Scott Foil Team Issue

Scott Foil Team Issue rear















Scott Foil Team Issue aero bar