Save 15% on parts with your next service.

Quest Adventure workshopOffer ends 28th February

If you are still riding, be it on the road or in the mud, your bike may be keeping you fit and putting a smile on your face but it will be getting trashed. It will need a service sooner rather than later. Riding through the winter is tough on a bike.

Alternatively, you have put the bike away for the winter. Be warned, it may well need more of a service than matey boy's or girl's who's still riding. Was it cleaned, lubed and/or serviced before going into storage? If not it may well be seizing up through lack of use as the rust corrodes bearings and chain. Hydraulic brake fluid absorbs moisture causing disc brakes to jam when left over winter. Salt from the first frosty roads is a bike killer! Let us give it some TLC.

There are many reasons to service your bike so to make it worth your while we are offering 15% of any parts fitted if you bring your bike in between now and the 28th of February. Simply say PARTS15 when booking the bike in and we will do the rest. The offer applies to any workshop jobs whether a full service, a Di2 diagniostic check or a simple puncture repair. Our workshop is busy so please book ahead.

PARTS15 offer ends 28th February

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