The night riding season has begun. For many riders night rides are the best. There are no peripheral distractions just single track; in fact every track is a single track under lights. Combine that with the current dry trails and you have the perfect recipe for mountain biking utopia.

Modern technology enables you to have all the vision you’ll ever need on your favourite trail at a cost that won’t break the bank.

You can have lights on your bars, helmet or both.

There are five elements that make up the perfect light. And you need all of them! Don’t be fooled by a low priced “bargain”.

  1. Battery, it needs to last the duration of your usual rides and will take hundreds of charges.
  2. LED, the technology is ever changing and the latest LEDs are incredibly bright.
  3. Reflector, the reflector works with the LED and lens to enhance the beam.
  4. Lens, the lens is essential to harness the power and effectiveness of the LED.
  5. Drive system, the circuitry that brings it all together allowing you to control output.

Recommendations for mountain biking at night

This autumn we have lights from Nite Rider because they offer the best value to lumen output that we could find.  We’ve done Nite Rider before and back in the early nineties I even had one, £399 in those days.

NiteRider Pro 4200



NiteRider Pro 4200 £399 

This is King Kahuna of bike lights for the rider that just needs the ultimate. More...







NiteRider Pro 2200NiteRider Pro 2200

 NiteRider Pro 2200 £250 


All you'll ever need to light up the trail and either helmet or bar mounted option. More... 












NiteRider Lumina 1200 BoostNiteRider Lumina 1200 Boost £140 


Bright enough for any mountain bike ride. Light enough for cable free helmet use. This light will be enough for your off road rides if you budget is tight. LED screen for 100% accurate battery life. The helmet mount is an optional extra. More... 



NiteRider Lumina 1000 Boost



 NiteRider Lumina 1000 Boost £80 

For £80 this light is awesome. It is the perfect light for road riders, adventure riders and urban commuters and is a great low cost helment light for mountain bikers if you need to suppliment you handle bar lighting. The handle bar mount is really solid and you can opt for a helmet mount if you want.




NiteRider Lumina 850 Micro




 NiteRider Lumina 850 Micro £65

It is small and light great for commuting and road rides. I've even used it on a gravel bike night ride. Helmet mount option too. More...




 We have all the NiteRider range including the stunning - Life Saving - Sentinel 250 rear light and the £35 500 lumens Swift and a load of demo lights