Frozen ridesIt is quite ironic that we should give this information just as the rain has come back and the temperature rises above the seasonal norm. But, if you are lucky, we may get a chance for some more freezed dried rides before things warm up in the spring.

If the temperature drops below zero, the ground will freeze. Once frozen mountain biking can become magical. The grip is so good it is like rough concrete so you can find yourself taking on climbs, descents or off camber lines that would never be possible; even in the height of summer. All good so far but; beware of the thaw. As the sun comes up it can melt the trails. When this happens the top layer of mud will peel off wrapping your wheels with an ever increasing layer of mud. This dirt, unlike the stuff that you are used to from rain, contains bits of grit, flint and chalk. It has the constituency of wet concrete. In the space of a few wheel revolutions you can find your drive train covered and if you keep pedalling you run the risk of ripping your rear derailleur off. We have already had a few riders in for some bike TLC and emotional counselling.

Our advice is to watch the forecast, get up early and have an awesome ride. The getting up early is the key and then plan your route so that you are returning home as the temperature rises.

You can read about our last (Sunday’s) frozen ride on our blog site.

One last thing. Are you worried about feling too cold?

Come on! Its 2019. Modern clothing is amazing. There is never any reason to be too cold or to hot these days. You've never had such good garments avaiable. Of course these days people have chosen to buy on line but that just increases your choice. Come in and ask us for advice.