E-bikes - The Future

Most people have an image of an electric bike of a couple out for a gentle cruise, and that's it.  This is right enough and a fun way to spend a relaxing afternoon on the Downs Link or the Promenade.  In fact, it makes it an easy day out to Brighton from Worthing.

Relaxing E-bikes

But there is a lot more to E-Biking than that...

What about a day out in the North Downs?  You may think you won't find it as challenging as a regular bike, but it'll be tough because you’ll get ten times as many runs down your favourite trail than you would have done on your standard mtb!

E-mountain bike

What's more, E-Bikes are an option for another group of riders.  Imagine a hard core commuter, rain or shine, knocking off huge chunks of time from their commute and saving stacks of cash too!

Commuting e-bike

What about the Cost of an E-Bike?

Well, they don't cost any more than any other quality bike. It may seem strange but there has been no price inflation on bikes in 30 years. An entry level, quality mountain bike was £500 back then and you would expect to pay the same today.  However, riders' expectations have gone up as technology has brought what was considered exotic into everyday life: phones, flat screen TVs, air con, holidays... Life in general has moved on and we all expect more. Nowadays, for many new riders, an entry level road bike will mean a carbon frame and for mountain biking it’ll mean a trail bike. An electric bike starts at a similar price.  If it is any consolation, bike prices have plummeted in real terms over the last five years. Fortunately for the industry, riders keep wanting more and, in turn, tech developments continue.

We offer electric bikes from Scott and Whyte, which you can view on our web pages: Electric Bikes.

Buy an Electric Commuter for less than the cost of your season ticket?

With 0% finance you can get an E-bike hybrid for less than £6 per working day. That is less than many rail season ticket charges and around the same cost for diesel depending on the length of your commute.  What's more, when you cycle, your journey will usually take the same time and you can schedule in other plans rather than be at the behest of train delays and traffic jams.

Cycle to Work Schemes

Most employers now offer their staff tax saving benefits and with the cycle to work schemes you can save up to 40% on the cost of an E-bike. Please note that many employers restrict the scheme to £1,000 but you can always top up the difference.

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