Scott Urban E Electric BikeNow is as good a time as any to think about commuting by bike  

Thanks to the local rail service and traffic on the A27, now is as good a time as any to think about commuting.Worthing to Brighton by bike is between 40 to 60 minutes depending upon where you start and finish. That may sound impossible to you and yet there are hundreds of people doing it every day. Some are fit athletes but most are just regular folk that would never class themselves as sports men or women. 


We can help you choose the best bike for your commute


Pedal but with some assistance.

More and more riders are opting for an electric bike for their commute. Get there without getting too hot.  My daughter’s boy friend (fit and young) uses a Scott E-Spark for is daily 10 mile off road commute to the office.  Why not try out one of our Whyte Conistons or the Scott E-Sub Tour.

 Scott Sub E Tour Electric Bike

Traditional With a Modern Slant

Look at the Scott Sub Comfort Unisex, or the Whyte Strawberry Hill, or, at a budget price the Ridgeback Speed or Ridgeback Avenida .

Scott Sub Comfort 20 Bicycle

Fast Urban Commute

A range from Whyte with a flat bar; light and quick.  Best sellers for us are the Carnaby and the Portobello. These bikes handle like a dream and that is down to their origin.  They were derived from a mountain bike frame.


Whyte Carnaby Bicycle


Road Bikes, But Not Racing Bikes

Whyte Road Disc 7s like the Devon and Dorset. Or an Adventure / Gravel bike like the Whyte GisburnScott Speedster Gravel or the awesome looking Wilier Jaroon. Use these to ride on or off road. Load them up, go touring or keep them lean and mean and get there fast. 

Wilier Jaroon