Now is as good a time as any to think about commuting by bike

Commute to workThere has never been a better time to start commuting to work. West Sussex County Council is obsessed with promoting car use so our roads are beginning to clog up. Of course, the county is not like London or other big cities where cycling is becoming the only viable option for getting to work but we are getting there. Grid lock is coming! Worthing is building up to 1000 new homes (no cycle routes either).  Ikea is coming to Lancing and, together with it and the 430 jobs, there will be 600 new houses.  Of course, if West Sussex has anything to do with it, there will be no cycle routes there either but that doesn’t matter. We have the roads. We all pay for the roads so, as cyclists, we have every right to use them. Roads are funded through general taxation which we all pay for through income tax and the 20% VAT on everything that you buy.

Electric bikes are easierIn any other European country the train would be an option too, but this is Britain so the trains are a no-no. Whether you are pro union or not Southern Rail isn’t working and Govia’s special arrangement with the government is causing mayhem. Worthing to Brighton by bike might sound momentous but really it is only a 45 – 60 minute ride. Come on! Think of the health benefits too. You can always go Electric!

 What about the weather? This is the driest and mildest winter in years. In fact the last few years have been the same too.  Glove, overshoe and winter jacket sales have dwindled as regular riders have been enjoying better than expected winter riding conditions.

 Back to the trains. If you are a train user and want to protest about the lack of service, the best way possible would be to stop using the train altogether. Car share, work from home or cycle to work. Can you imagine how road priorities would change if all the healthy regular rail commuters went by bicycle from Worthing to Brighton? Now that would be an awesome sight.

There’s more! Just imagine how the roads would change with those extra cyclists. Car speeds may drop. In fact, knowing that the roads will be safer (slower cars through more bikes)many more riders may also take to a commuting by bike. Others may even choose electric bikes for their ease of pedalling. Wouldn’t it be ironic that our roads would go “Euro” just when we have pulled out of the EU? By “Euro” I mean that the drivers would recognise cyclists as being vulnerable and breakable.

We can help you to get started with your commute.

 We have a very diverse range of commuter bikes. We have folders for as little as £399 of course they’d be as redundant as a guard on our current train service. Adventure Snickett.

Whyte CarnabyThere is so much more choice from slick fast urban flat bar commuters like the Whyte Carnaby or Portobello, traditional and budget Ridgebacks like the Speed and Avenida. Dutch inspired modern town bikes like the Scott Sub Comfort.  Practical drop bar commuters like the Whyte RD7 - Devon and Dorset. For the speed and fitness enthusiast we have sporty and fast lightweight road bikes and for the adventurous there are gravel bike like the Whyte Friston/Gisburn and the Scott Speedster Gravel. A traditional tourer like mine can start for as little as £799 fully equipped with rack and mudguards Ridgeback Voyage.

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 We can help make your commute better and safer

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 Whether or not you want to ride to make a political statement, for a brave new world, to be fit and healthy, to reduce your weight, to increase your life expectancy, for the future love of your children, to be environmentally friendly, to save money, to save time, to be less selfish, to be in control of your destiny, to look cool or just for the sheer share fun of it, we are here to help you achieve your dreams. If you still want to enjoy the stop-start journey, bathed in your own body fumes, cocooned in your car that is fine by us. We are all for freedom here. 

Whyte Coniston E bike


The author last Saturday, unpertubed by the inclement conditions. After all, its only water and, as the saying goes, "there's no bad weather, just bad clothing". Hmmmm. That gear does look pretty bad though.It's only water!