Muddy MTB BikeWhy Clean?

Quite simply, it saves you money in the long run as well as ensuring you have fun each time you ride your bike!  A build up of mud, dirt, grit and grease chomps through the moving mechanical parts and can lead to a failure while you’re out enjoying yourself as well as being heavy on the pocket.

Step 1 Prepare Your Tools

The quickest way to get through the clean is to have all your ‘tools’ ready and to hand.  So you’ll need:

Step 2 Clean

Muc Off Bike Cleaner


Using a brush and the soapy water clean off the worst of the dirt.  Then use a bike cleaner, such as the Muc-Off Bike Cleaner.  The bike cleanercuts through grime while protecting your bike's finish. It will not harm seals or disc brake pads. Simply spray on, wash off.  Ensure whatever cleaner you use is fully biodegradable, alkaline based and safe on carbon fibre, paintwork, anodising, aluminium, titanium, rubber, plastic, seals and disc brake pads.  Never leave the cleaner on without washing it off soon after application.

Step 3 DegreaseMuc Off Spray Degreaser

This stage makes chain cleaning easy and safely eliminates oil build-up and grease.  On our bikes we use either the Muc-Off Spray Bio Degreaser or the Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner .

Careful attention should be paid to the brakes, after all your future safety could be at stake!  Using a specialist brake cleaner will help improve braking performance, reduce squeal and ultimately prolong the disc pad and rotor life.  We use the Muc-Off Brake Cleaner (and it doesn’t contain any nasty CFCs).

Step 4 Protect and Shine

Muc Off Miracle Shine Polish


Once you’ve done all the hard work it’s now worth protecting that investment with a protection product.  Something like Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish or the Muc-Off Bike Protect Aerosol which as well as giving your bike a good shine also creates a microscopic layer of protection which repels water and pollutants meaning next time it won’t take as long to wash that bike!

Step 5 LubeMuc Off Wet Lube

Second only to cleaning in importance is keeping your chain lubricated.  A lubricated chain reduces friction, wear, noise and energy consumption.  We use the Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube or Finishline Wet Lube for mountain bikes and winter rides and Muc-Off Dry Chain Lube for our road bikes.  If you are a conscientious rider we would recommend Wickens & Soderstrom No. 5 Drive Train Lube for your road bike.  You can also lubricate your shock shaft and fork stanchions with Wickens & Soderstrom No 4 Tuned Suspension Lube .

Step 6

Stand back and admire......then go get a coffee and a deserve it!A Clean MTB Bike