Tori BushTori Bush set off to ride across America and then to fly to Japan. Now, a few years later, she is coming home. She did return home once having left her bike in Bangkok but then said that she wanted to ride to Beijing. And, after that? She wasn’t sure but said that she might ride home. Well she is finally on the way back but not without doing a quick excursion north to capture some of the beauty of Scandinavia before finally coming back to Blighty.

She will be back in Worthing on Saturday 16th of September having ridden 19,998miles. She will be at the Pier at 11:30 and is looking forward to some company to ride with her on the final few miles back home in Cissbury Avenue. It is just around the corner from the shop.

 Please head down with bikes and family for a fun cycle through the town. Why not bring an unusual bike, tandem, trailer, kids, dogs, flags or whatever else to can manage on two or three wheels for the ride up here?

 You can read more about Tori on her Little Blue Bike Blog.