Chanctonbury looking eastAutumn is here and, according to some, it even started in August! So what can you do now to make the most of the season and your riding? Here are some options.

Option One: Get out and enjoy the season. It has been unusually warm and dry for the time of year. Many of the trails are still Leafy trailfirm and the autumn colours are a feast for the eyes.

However, the rides will soon be misty, dew soaked and chill (we don’t talk about wet). Autumn is still my favourite time of year but not everyone is either so hardy or enthusiastic.  

So Option Two: A turbo trainer. For those either time short or too fearful of the season why not ride some of the iconic climbs that you still haven’t found the time or money to ride – and all in the comfort of your home. Bkool trainers allow you to experience those climbs:  Alp d’Huez, Izoard, Col d’Aubisque, the Tourmalet, the list is endless as are the climbs. You can even ride some of our recent trip from Biarritz to Barcelona. It least you won’t have the rain that we had. There are countless online training options for riders with or without smart trainers so you could easily come out of winter stronger than when you went in.

Bkool turbosBkool turbo trainers are the best value and easiest to use smart trainers on the market. They so good that we use the Bkool Pro for most of our bike fits. The benefit with this is that the fit and adjustments are carried out on your own bike.

New for 2018 are the Bkool Smart Go Trainer £349, a budget version of the Bkool Pro £449 (special offer £399 save £49), the Bkool Smart Pro 2 £499,  an upgrade on the Bkool Pro, and for those serious about their  training there is the Bkool Air Smart. £1099 (like a watt bike but using your bike). Anyone wanting a bargain and a basic trainer we have the Bkool One now only £125 (save £40)

Leafy laneWhat is Option Three? You make a change. Many a mountain biker will turn to the road to avoid mud and long bike cleaning sessions and, vice-versa, there are road riders who mountain bike in their off-season. The fear of mud drives the change or the fear of icy roads drives others.

I have been in both camps and for now I am enjoying the leafy autumn single track of the Downs.

Whyte Gisburn ChanctonburyActually, there’ an Option Four. Ride a Gravel bike. They are good on the road or off road and are easy to clean too. They offer alternative road/off road routes. Rides previously deemed boring for your mountain bike or unrideable for your road bike can be fun, fast and awe inspiring during the winter months. You can criss-cross the Downs using country lanes and downland tracks.

Whatever you choose, you need to keep pedalling.