Whyte T 130 RSWhyte T-130 RS guest review by Tania Barrow

Tania's old Titus El Guapo is wearing out so, knowing what and where she likes riding we all, including hubby and son recommended trying the Whyte T-130 RS demo. With less travel but bigger wheels (650b) and about 5 years of evolution we couldn't wait to hear how they compared.

Here's her report:

 So my current bike is on borrowed time, we’ve had some good times together but the time has come to explore a new replacement.  For those that know me at Quest Adventure, they reckoned I should take out the Whyte T-130RS for a spin, so today I took it to my favourite trails in the Surrey Hills to see how it performs. 

I’m 5’10” so the medium bike for me felt perfect, initially the bike felt a little low at the front, but I’m guessing that will just be down to the fact I’m used to 160mm fork.  The ride started with a climb to the top of Holmbury Hill via the offroad route to the top of ‘Barry Knows Best’.  This bike climbs beautifully, I had doubts about riding with a one by eleven but people have been trying to convince me it’s the way forward and today may have just shown me the reason why. So climbing wise I cannot fault it. Regardless of how steep it became, even Gasson’s Farm climb was well within its limits gearing wise.   The next trail put it through sweeping berms where this bike feels very solid, stable and extremely capable and where I think I realised the benefit of the 650b wheelsize.  Having now established how reliable the bike felt, ‘Crackpipe’ was next on the list, basically the steeper the trail, with loose rocky switchbacks put in for good measure is no problem whatsoever for the T130, it handled all of these with ease.   After taking it down the rocky descent of ‘I should Coco’ you realise the shock and Pikes provide the bike with a very positive controlled ride, which leave you with a big grin on your face at the bottom. 

After warming up on the Whyte we headed over to Pitch for a few runs down ‘Proper Bo’ and the ‘T-Trails’ just to see how it compares on the little drops and jumps, again this bike behaves beautifully, solid and reliable, it certainly ticks all the boxes for an awesome trail bike, if any of you out there are looking for a new bike to try, I can definitely recommend heading over to Quest Adventure and booking this bike out for a demo, a sure fire way to put a massive grin on your face, happy riding.

 I think that she liked it.

Whyte T 130 RS