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Today there are too many different bikes to choose from so how can you decide which is the best one for you?

This check list will help.  Ask yourself:

  1. Where am I going to ride?
  2. How far am I going to ride?
  3. Will I ride on road, off road or both?
  4. How fast do I want to ride?
  5. Will where I live affect my choice?
  6. Will I be commuting or riding for leisure?
  7. What riding position am I after
  8. What do my friends ride?
Worthing Seafront and Commuter Bike Whyte Bikes Leisure Ladies

1. A Sunday ride along the prom will not need the same bike as a commute to Brighton even if the route is the same.

Whyte Commuter Bike Scott Contessa Solace

2. The longer the ride the better the bike will need to be to keep you comfortable and get you there on time. It will also offer better engineered components that will perform well over longer periods of time.

Whyte Full Suspension MTB Scott Addict Road Bike

 3. Riding off road will (usually) require better suspension and brakes than on the road. The tyres will also need to offer more grip. Nowadays there are a multitude of bikes that are designed to be ridden both on and off road.  

Scott Road Cycling Male and Female Bikes

JP Quest Adventure South Downs 100 Road Race

4. If speed is important then the weight and efficiency of the bike becomes more of an issue.  For example if you are starting your sportive career.


Whyte Leisure Bikes Whyte Bikes

 5.  Worthing is small and flat (apart from High Salvington) but Brighton is big and hilly.  So, that will dictate how many gears you need to be able to comfortably negotiate those hills!

Whyte Urban Bikes

Scott Action Venture

 6. Commuting often means all weather riding so fit mudguards to avoid that streak of wet up the back. You probably also need to have a bike which takes racks and panniers fitted to carry the change into work clothes.  Whereas leisure rides are often saved for sunny days, and so this equipment is less important.

Whyte Leisure Bikes Whyte Stowe

 7. A more upright position will be more comfortable and relaxed whereas a sportier (more stretched out position) will be faster.

And lastly what do my friends ride?  After all it’s always more fun in company!

More questions?  Just come in for a chat with us.  Or, if you want to know more about Quest Adventure just follow this link.