The trails won't get any wetter than last night. The mud can get sticker especially if there has been a frost but last night was pretty bad. Luckily it is still so warm that washing my legs outside with a bucket of cold water was not a big deal at all. I could now take my socks off, then knee warmers then my MTR baggies (yes I have to admit that some times baggies can be more than just a fashion statement) and I could now enter the house without leaving a trail of mud. I saved the bike cleaning for the light of the morning.

No hose just two buckets, two brushes and some Muc-Off.  Hose the bike and we look forward to seeing you in the workshop. 

Last week I actually had to go out to muddy a bike for the Bike Cleaning Maintenance course!!!

Whyte T 130 muddy

                                     A muddy Whyte T-130 RS

Cleaning weapons

     Bucket, Muc-Off spray and two brushes is all it takes

Whyte T-130 with Muc Off

A good spray of Muc Off and then I can get to work with the brush and some water. Work the brush and constanty dip it in the bucket. At first you'll think that you are getting no where but with experience you will get to know when one bit is done and you can move on to the next.

You will soon discover that it usually take less time than hosing. The hose initially appears to be quick but it always misses bits and you have to keep going back over. Then when you go to put it away you realise that it needs cleaning again. A waste of time. Hosing also can wreck your bike by destroying the bearings. Last winter we had to fit, and charge the customer for, a new bottom brackt bearing on the first free service within six weeks of buying his bike. Needless to say he cleans his bike with a little more care now.

Whyte T 130 ready for the rinse

Bucket number two. I can be a bit more liberal with the water this time around

Whyte T130 clean

Whyte T 130 nice and clean. All it needs now is a spray of Brake Juice and a wipe down if I get time.


My bike cleaning kit

Here are my brushes and bucket. I usually use Muc-Off spray cleaner too.

The big brush hold loads of water, the Finish Line one is really good at holding loads of water that can be applied with some force if needed. The pipe cleaner type brush gets to all the fiddly bits.

N.B. when using brushes be aware of what you get on them. It the case above it is just mud but with a road bike or a mountain bike in the dry the brush may get oil on it. Oil can make your bike dirty and can get on the rotors. In this case either avoid cleaning the transmission or use a seperate brush.

Bike cleaners like Muc Off are designed to help dislodge mud, they also help degrease the transmission but they must be washed off. Leaving this type of cleaner on the bike can cause corrosion. Rinse it off.