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Why is a Bike Fit so important?

Customer reviews

Adjusting your bike to fit you is possibly the most important service that a bicycle shop can offer. There are many methods for doing this but nothing beats the knowledge of an experienced bike fitter. Your riding comfort is the most important part of any bike set up. At Quest Adventure in Worthing, Sussex we use a smart trainer to simulate the actual riding experience.  When you buy a bike from Quest Adventure we will discuss your set up and make adjustments before you leave but having a proper bike fit can make a huge difference to your enjoyment, comfort and speed.

The Bike Fitting Process

We start with a discussion to get an idea of the riding that you are doing, fitness, aspirations, any injuries and any issues or discomfort that you may have.  

We are also interested in where you ride.  As passionate cyclists ourselves we will most likely know your local area whether it be Brighton, Horsham, Lewes, Chichester, or indeed any points in Sussex and out towards Surrey!

After that, there will be a quick flexibility and strength test.

We then start with your feet and look at your shoe/cleat set up.

Your bike or intended new bike is put into the Bkool trainer and you start to ride. Pedalling helps you relax and warm up.

We then begin the process of assessing saddle height, saddle set back, pedalling technique, the bar and stem, brake set up and braking whilst descending and cornering.

We will have a chance to look at you, the way that you pedal and the way that your body is reacting to your riding position.

We check your posture and measure up to compare your position against certain standards for bicycle setup. At this stage, we will measure your bike so that we can record your original position exactly. With the setup recorded we can start to make some minor changes to the position. With each adjustment both of us will be able to see how the changes have helped with your comfort.

The usual ride is along part of a 30k section of the Vuelta a Espana. The whole session will take approximately 2 1/2 hours and you may even want to finish the route although riding on uninterrupted will only take about 40 minutes. Once you and we are happy with your new position the details will be recorded and you can leave to ride and thoroughly test the new set up.

Throughout the entire process, we will advise you of what can be adjusted and what the effect is. We will also advise you on your riding using our vast experience to ensure that you will have a better understanding of riding techniques to get the most out of your bike. In our view nothing is more important than being comfortable on the bike. You will be advised that the process is not a one off and that you may need to revisit for a follow up for fine tuning.

Functional Movement Assessment Option

You can opt to have our bikefit-trained physiotherapist conduct a series of flexibility and strength tests to find your biomechanical fingerprint. The results highlight strengths and weaknesses in the body, giving very clear indicators to the bike fitter how the rider is likely to react to any adjustments. More importantly, it creates a specific training program for the rider to enable greater gains in the future.

How much does it cost?

Bkool measurement and fit: £120 - 2.5hours

Bkool measurement, Functional Movement Assessment with physiotherapist and fit: £190 - 3hours

What will you need?

Your bike.

Your riding shoes.

You may want to wear your cycling kit including gloves. Expect to get hot and sweaty.

How do you book?

Call the shop on 01903 573700 to arrange an appointment.

Women - Half our fits are for women

We have spent years helping women out with their bike set up so that they can enjoy their ride in comfort and safety. We can set up your brakes so that you can actually use them even though Mr Shimano designed them specifically for big guys, not petite women.

Mountain Bikes

We are not just road bike fitters. We have extensive knowledge of mountain biking and the local trails across Sussex, and particularly around Worthing, Brighton, Chichester, Horsham and across to Lewes.  So, we have helped many a rider get more out of their mountain bike. We are skilled in bike set up including suspension systems and brakes to ensure that you get the most out of your lovely steed wherever you ride, whatever your weight and whatever your size.

What our happy customers say

Thank you so much for fitting my bike in for a service last week, I appreciate that you were very busy.

The handlebar tape is really comfortable and the shorter stem is feeling good!

The gears are fantastic - better than they have ever been! (I have never been able to get in to the inbetweeny gear on the front cog before)

I am so pleased that I came for a bike fit with you, my bike is feeling great and I am not currently having any issues with my wrist or feet!

We are off on our ride on Thursday this week.

I will let you know how we get on! :-D

Thank you again


29/05/19 (Elizabeth is riding Land's End to John O'Groats with her husband)


Firstly many thanks for your kind attention and detailed input with my bike fit. I found it very interesting and so far of great benefit. The ride home was slightly odd, getting used to the new feel of things, but I set about a dozen pb’s on strava on the way home, without pushing very hard after a longish day in the saddle already. Hopefully that is good testament to start with. The knees felt fine, although I probably need a few more rides to get me a bit more used to the new set up (and shoes).

So thanks again for your help and so far a massive improvement and fingers crossed easier on the knees too.


 john 10/10/18


Firstly, apologies for not replying sooner, I have had such a busy time at work recently and time just seems to evaporate.

Thank you so much for the notes on the bike fit and the extra reading Re saddle comfort. I found the articles interesting and will certainly explore further. I haven't managed any long rides since the fit, just the 15 kms as part of the Hever Castle Triathlon. I was really pleased though as the bike felt great and I didn't have any discomfort at all ( I also came 2nd in my age group) which was not too bad considering I had not been able to do any specific training. However, you will be pleased to know that since the fit I have been "planking" everyday in an effort to improve my core as you advised. Currently up to 1 minute 42 secs.  I have also started (reluctantly) jogging again!

 You asked for feedback on the fit and I would like to say how much I enjoyed talking to you and getting lots of  tips and useful advice about how to improve my ride. I think changing the brake lever position was brilliant as it feels so much easier now without over- reaching. I think that I will probably have to try a few more saddles out to find the right one and would appreciate it if you could order another of the Selle that you mentioned for me to try. Thank you again for your time and all your knowledge, it was money well spent.

Best wishes

Hannah 09/10/18


Two forty mile rides completed.  the position is much more comfortable and i feel more relaxed on the bike.  i am still getting some twinges in my neck but its a huge improvement.  i think there may be some residual damage to the soft tissue that is what i am feeling.  I am really enjoying riding on the drops - perhaps moving position as i ride is helping with my neck.  Its great to go down hill on the drops - pushing back on the seat I feel much more in control and go a lot quicker.

Really pleased with the bike fit.  I am persuading my riding buddy (Paul) to come to you - he’ll probably get it as a Christmas present

 Thank you again - all your little tips and advice have helped me when i ride too.


 Stuart 14/08/18


I’ve just done a 25 mile loop which included going up to devils dyke. I didn’t have any shoulder pain so it was definitely the ruck sack which is good news. Legs and lower back completely fine too. I was definitely faster and if felt like I much more power coming from my core and legs. Felt like a new bike and at times flying along felt great. The only slight twinge I had was in my neck-I noticed the lower position meant I had to raise my head up more to look where I was going. Half way round I took the visor off my helmet and that helped, it wasn’t as bad after that. So at the moment I think the fit is good, as you say I may need to do another couple of longer rides to make sure. It does feel different but I think I’ll get used to it and if I do, I think it will be much improved.

 Best wishes

 Angharad 02/08/18


Sorry i didnt get back to you sooner. Many thanks for the bike fit a few weeks ago, it was very interesting and informative. I completed my first century the following weekend and what a difference from my last sportive (albeit on a different bike). I felt fairly fresh all the way round and didnt get as much aching in my lower back as before. The position suited me perfectly. I held back on the first 50 miles but i wish i had gone a little harder but i took your advice and and didnt try be a hero on an unfamiliar distance. I used the pit stops as goals to try and break the journey up in my head which worked. Thanks once again and i hope to see you soon at the shop sometime!

 Mick 13/06/18



 I meant to write to you ages ago to thank you for your work last week. I flew up the hills on Saturday....I think you must have put a rocket somewhere!

 If you could send over the new measurements that would be great. 

 I have recommended you to anyone who will listen so hopefully you'll get some referrals.

 Many thanks again





 Thanks so much for the attached.

 I went out on my bike on Saturday for a 50 mile ride which included going up Leith Hill for the first time. I can honestly say that due to the adjustments you made on my bike, I was able to complete the climb without getting off and feel so proud of myself. I loved the feel of the bike so much that I went out and did another 30 miles yesterday!!

 The tension I felt at the base of my neck has disappeared and I feel able to pull the brakes comfortably now which has improved my confidence no end!! Interestingly, I would say the bike doesn't feel "different" as such but it does feel more comfortable and easier to ride, break and climb hills.

 As I said to you on Thursday, it's "amazing !!!" and thank you so much for transforming my bike!!

I have already recommended you to my cycling buddies so hopefully you will have many more customers coming your way!!

 Thanks again for everything, to Janet for her great directions to make sure I actually got there and to Missy for her fantastic hosting skills on the night!

A lovely evening with a great bunch of people and highly recommended.

 Helen :)



Hi JP 

 Thought I'd let you know how the bike is. It's great in a word. I finally get off and am not in pain. Still a bit achy in the back but I suspect that's my bad back rather than the fit.

Flanders was brilliant last weekend. You really must get out there. One thing I've noticed since the fit is it seems a lot easier getting the power down and it strikes me as though it's more consistent through the pedal stroke instead of being choppy especially noticeable when climbing.

Super happy overall, looking forward to the summer.

Thanks again,

All the best 






Just an update on the fit we did the other day. 

I finally got out today and got caught in the weather! All when well, the saddle was fine, not uncomfortable and no hot spots. 

The hight was fine and seemed to allow me to peddle at. A good  cadence I tried most positions but noticed that I was more comfortable and could stay on the drops longer. 

When climbing I didn't feel it was as comfortable but not uncomfortable and looking at Strava results, it looks like it may be better. Need more climbing to see if there is a difference?

Once again thanks for the help

Sam W



Hi JP,

Just to let you know the bike and pedals are great. I had a good ride with the tri club yesterday (~40 miles), no problems , all felt great. Am feeling very comfortable on it. Clipping in and out is getting easier. No shoulder ache today which is encouraging (was very painful after my ~25 miles as part of an Olympic tri in the summer). 

All the best, 




Hi JP,

The bike fit has made a massive change to my comfort on the road. Cycling feels a lot more effortless and speeds have picked up.

I'm holding off buying my boyfriend Taf the voucher for now because I think, after all my talking about how good the fitting was, he is half-way to buying one for himself!

 Thanks so much again for a throughly interesting and enjoyable evening.




Thanks for the bike fit session, I found the whole experience and all the tips really helpful. I even managed 16 miles today and it was a much smoother ride with less hip pain. All the nerves about getting on and off the bike with the saddle being raised were pointless as it was not half as bad as I imagined. I shall keep riding and if I have any issues I'll be in contact.

 Many thanks for your help




Hi Tim - Quick update, couldn't be happier with the bike fit......I completed the Biarritz to Barcelona ride with no back or neck pain, and no chafing with the new saddle.....amazed and so happy! I did the South Downs 100 a couple of weeks ago also for good measure!

 Thanks again




Thanks for all your help JP. The fit is great, i feel stronger for longer than ever and my cumulative fatigue is considerably less. Discomfort in my shoulders has reduced massively, i cycled a very hilly 80 miles on Saturday with no issues. Cant recommend you highly enough. I'll keep you posted on our progress in france!

 Thanks again,





 I just wanted to confirm what a difference the bike fit on the 22nd March has made to my cycling and life!

In the past 7 weeks I have cycled over 1,182 km and climbed over 9,000m. What is interesting, if you look at my statistics, is that my average speed for a 40km ride has gone from 23.5km/h to 26km/h.

 In the past 4 weeks I have also completed 4 x 100+km rides and that data is even more impressive going from 22km/h to 24kmh. Agreed that I have toned up and lost 5kg but I know that this is the result of the bike fit.

 I now promote you everywhere I go and I know a few people have visited your shop as a result.

 Thank you once again for amazing service and advice. I often chat with Steve Sole about you.

 Best wishes

 Derek 09/05/16


Hi JP, Just got the timing results for my ride today, remember I was knocking on the door for Silver award well I got Gold so that's how much you have improved my bike for me, Brilliant!! 3 hours 50 minutes for 64 miles Speak soon

Graham 22/09/15

JP The bike fit was great first ride 25 pr's on strava I seem to be able to motor along so much better. Best money I've ever spent on the bike. I did drop saddle 5mm just to make it easier on off but that's all. I have been moaned at yesterday by one of mates I was leading him and left him in a world of hurt trying to keep my wheel. Again thanks a lot to yourself and Tim



I went along to Quest Adventure in Worthing for a bike fitting this morning and just thought i'd do a quick review.
The whole session took last for of 2 1/2 hours and cost £125.
JP ran me through what the fitting would entail. He measured my bike set up and then transferred these to the Apex bike. He then went through cleat set up and checked that mine were in the correct place.
After a quick warm up on the Apex bike he videoed me riding under different loads and then went through the footage with me explaining what he was looking for. The Apex bike varies ride height and distance between the saddle and bars as you ride and shows differences in power output and heart rate to obtain the best combination of comfort and power output. Once the best saddle height was found mine needed to be moved back a little, JP then adjusted my handle bar position and suggested tat I might need a shorter stem, it was only £20 and I didn't feel pressured in to buying it. He also showed me where the span adjusters are on my brakes and moved the position of they slightly.
I've only ridden my bike around the block but it does feel comfier, i'll find out tomorrow when I go for a longer ride what differences there are.
All in all I would say that its money well spent, I was getting a slight ache in my back and wrists on longer rides and hope that this fitting session might help with that, should find out tomorrow if it has.
And the Kask helmets looked nice so I ended up buying one of those too.

Ian Fairclough 18/07/15


The bike fit was great first ride 25 pr's on strava I seem to be able to motor along so much better. Best money I've ever spent on the bike. I did drop saddle 5mm just to make it easier on off but that's all. I have been moaned at yesterday by one of mates I was leading him and left him in a world of hurt trying to keep my wheel. Again thanks a lot to yourself and Tim



Hi JP,

 Finally had a chance to ramp up some decent miles with 8 hours in the saddle over the weekend and am absolutely THRILLED with bike setup. Thank you so much. Amazing job. Not a single hint of back ache, no pins and needles in hands OR feet …….. just brilliant!!

Many many thanks,

Amanda 14/04/15


Hi JP,

Thank you very much.

I've just been out on the roads for the first time since October, and for the first time ever my Specialised TriCross felt very comfortable indeed. I found being on the drops very natural (another first) but the most surprising thing was how much I liked the slightly in-turned hoods.

I would very much like my Trek to be adjusted similarly, though having got my tape measure out I suspect it won't be possible without a shorter stem.

Marjory, 11/02/14



Thank you very much for my bike fit today made it home save and sound.

The ride home felt really good with the adjustments you made,the most noticeable being the hoods they felt really comfortable on my wrists being turned in and raised up.

I noticed that my feet didn't ache as much I think the combination of moving the cleats and the seat etc has definitely helped,I didn't think it was going to make great difference to the way I ride but it does overall position a lot better.

 My next job will be to focus on my Tt bike and try and make that a better riding position.

Jeremy 12/02/15


Hello JP,

 Thanks for the fit, my knee pain has dissappeared even though i have ridden  7 hours in the last few days. Im well pleased with that :-)  My back is a bit sore but thats just getting used to the new position.

Anyway see you for a ride when its a bit lighter in the evenings.

 Neil Riley 02/12/14


Hi JP,

 I got to try the bike properly yesterday and the outcome was pretty interesting. In terms of the saddle position I would say that it was odd as it didn't feel like I was positioned differently although it felt a little higher. But it seemed that I definitely had a bit more power at my disposal for climbing, don't know if it was in my head or not, but it felt good.

 As far as the handlebars go they felt higher and initially it took a little getting used to, but after half an hour or so I didn't notice it any longer. However, downhill it made a big difference, I was able to stay on the hoods a little more and didn't get the fatigue in my neck which was nice.

 Overall I would say I finished the ride feeling less beaten up, so that's a result!

Jimbo 23/09/14


Thanks again for doing that :-)

Thank you for yesterday, it was a very interesting session from start to finish & I learned a lot.

 A ride this morning shows great potential for future improvements with:

 21.5 miles Time 1h 19m Elevation 254m

Average Speed 16.2mph ( my fastest yet - and included warm up, thinking about & trying the new techniques that you explained, but was nowhere near all out effort).

Andy Mahon 05/09/14


Thanks for the bike fit today JP. Really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot. Good luck with the South Downs Way!


On Thursday, splashed some cash on a professional bike fit at Quest Adventure. Took 3 hours including input from a physio. Hard work.

Wow what a difference, average speed up by 1.6mph over same route as I did on Monday. No Doms or numbness. Much more power and the bike handling was great...average heart rate up and burnt 400 kcal more and don't feel as tired.
Well pleased.


Afternoon JP,
The position is going very well. I love it in-fact!
Had an issue with my saddle yesterday that cut all training short but have fitted the same saddle I had previously to the new bike and I was away. New PB on a few hills and on a few local stretches so its going well.


Alan does 200 miles per week and wants to break the club 24hr record. He had an Apex Performance Bike fit


Hi JP, Just to say rode the bike today after the bike fit. It felt like I was able to put a lot more power through the pedals. The bike for sure felt more comfortable and really nice to be able to just rest my hands on the handle bars, so thanks again for taking the time to sort my bike setup out.
Nick Suckling

Nick is aiming for a good time for the South Downs Way this year.


Matt Baker ( who bought a bike fitting for his Dad as a present)  says “ Great service! My dad has a new love of riding thanks to JP now”!


Karen Mcgrath (via Facebook): "Thank you JP for the Bike Fit session. Just the ride home felt a different experience. I would never have known I had a droopy saddle - or what a difference it would make, and the arms are definitely better positioned. Enjoyed the Bkool too."


Mandy Buxton: “Did a leisurely 35mile loop today WOW!! New set up is great. Huge difference on hills. Thank you so much.