About Us

Our Aims

It is our aim that no customer should ever leave Quest Adventure without learning something new, be it the best trails, better bike set up, the right size, the way to fix it, what to wear or what to buy.  That’s why our customers come from all over Sussex and particularly Brighton, Chichester and Horsham.

Why Quest Adventure?

Quest: We are all looking for something. We will help you find it. Adventure: Life is an adventure, it's about finding new experiences and challenges. Never stop looking.

What do we do?

Anyone can sell you a bike. You don't need a shop, expert advice or a cycle mechanic, however, at Quest Adventure our aim is to make sure that you have the best possible bicycle that most suits your needs and riding preferences and fits you as you want and as the designer intended. We don't expect you to fit the bike but the bike to fit you.

About our customer service



To provide the inspiration, motivation and equipment for those seeking the benefits of an active lifestyle through cycling and similar pursuits.


Mission Statement

We aim to be a cycling centre of excellence. To be the best source of products, information and training for local riders and to be the default location for their service, repair and bike fitting needs. We will provide our services in a customer centric and friendly environment delivering the highest standards so that every customer can put their trust in us.



  • In everything we do, we strive always to be better than everyone else.
  • We ask every customer about their riding, their needs and their aims to be sure that you know what you want and need.
  • We listen carefully to each customer to ensure that we provide the answers most beneficial to their needs.
  • Our staff are always honest as earning the trust of our customers is paramount.
  • We set up every bike the way that we would want to ride it and the way that it will be used.
  • We never let a customer leave without first asking what they will be doing and ensure that they have the opportunity to purchase everything that they will need to enjoy it.
  • Every customer should learn something new and useful each and every visit to Quest Adventure.
  • We never undervalue our labour or service charges valuing our investment in skills, training, equipment and product knowledge.
  • We value our service and support over a competitor who can only compete on price.

We need feedback

If there is anything that we do that you don't like or think that we should be doing better please contact us at sales@questadventure.co.uk

About our bike showroom

Why Visit Us 

We are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about riding.  Above all, we love passing those three qualities onto our customers. We know that many people are nervous about some of the technology and changes in the market so we concentrate on asking you what you will be doing, where and how to get an idea of what is best for you. If you specifically ask for the technical aspect we can explain the benefits of the technology. Women are important to us as you can make up to 40% of our customers. Our women customers buy everything from the lightest of high end hardtails and full suspension bikes to beautiful carbon road bikes. Of course, we sell lower priced mountain bikes and town (hybrid) bikes too. We think that it is the time and effort that we put into getting the right bike and fit that makes us popular.


Our staff enjoy both mountain biking and road riding Sussex and beyond.  JP can usually be found on a Sunday riding the back country roads though Chichester or Horsham or on the South Downs, Aiden rides for Brighton Excelsior and he's recently started mountain biking. Aaron has just switched from downhill to trail riding his Whyte T-130 and Zak is enduro too. Vicky will sometimes ride in from her home in East Sussex. What is the difference between enduro, trail, XC and mountain biking? Don’t know? Check out our glossary of terms.

The owner, a potted history

JP Saville has been riding all his life and started riding on dirt with knobbies and cowhorns in the sixties and then mountain biking (as we know it today) on the South Downs in 1984. By 1989 he even had a silver medal in the UK National MTB Championship.

He ran a successful business pioneering mountain biking in the area during the eighties (Sussex Windsurfing). In 1988 he created the Kona brand in the UK. In the early years with Kona the UK market led the world, outselling the Canadians (chez Kona). Whilst developing the Kona brand JP continued to ride and raced successfully in the vets category, competed in 24 hour events and put in thousands of training miles on his road bike. As a road cyclist he competed in various races as a part of his mountain bike race training and joined WECC to time trial. Racing against the clock never enthused as did the shoulder to shoulder bashing and excitement of racing in dirt.

After leaving Kona JP joined Madison Cycles, responsible for Colnago (the most successful road racing brand in the world), Ridgeback (the best commuter/leisure range in the UK) and Rocky Mountain (high end handmade Canadian mountain bikes). Over fifteen years JP had travelled the country helping bike shops with their sales, marketing and training. He must have visited most of the quality shops in the country. He has run countless demo events and it was with these that he felt most at home, sharing his passion and enthusiasm with fellow riders. With so much cycling experience and such a passion for riding JP would rather spend his time helping local riders to get the best out of their bikes, their budget or riding, hence Quest Adventure.

JP is Chairman of the Worthing Cycle Forum.


We are the Whyte bikes experts!

Since 2005, when we first opened, we have been great friends and huge critics of Whyte. We were the dissenting voice during their metamorphosis from a rather old fashioned and staid XC brand in to one of, if not, the best all-round trail ranges in the UK, world even? Even their race bikes handle as well as some trail only brands.

Along the way we were lucky enough to have many preproduction prototypes to test; adding our feedback to the great work that the design team were producing. Design and innovation never stops but in the last couple of years Whyte, although a small fish in a big pond, have now established themselves as a performance-oriented brand dominating the reviews in the British and world magazines.  

Their innovation and design expertise has now extended to leisure and urban bikes. Jump on any of the these machines and you will immediately notice the stable and confidence-inspiring feel that has filtered down from the more high profile Whyte mountain bikes.

Ask us about Whyte bikes and you’ll notice an air of confidence and enthusiasm that comes from knowing the brand so well. We have shared some of their growing pains and are now enjoying their success as much as they are.

For those that want more history check read our detail or this Pink Bike review on the origins of Whyte.